Willard Public Library is pleased to offer access to the internet for its users. This resource makes available material stored in millions of computers around the world and is an invaluable source of information.

It is not possible for the library to limit or control the information found on the internet but the library will assist users to identify the most valuable sites known.

The user of this internet link is solely responsible for determining what is appropriate for his/her use. As with television or movies, parents are responsible for their children's use of this system. They may wish to supervise their children's use of the internet. Additionally, in an attempt to provide a safe environment for children, all internet terminals will have filters and all terminals within the main library will be monitored by library staff.

It is against the policy of Willard Library for users of the library network to:

  • use the library network to engage in any illegal or fraudulant activity
  • download or FTP files to library computers other than those computers designated for such use
  • publicly display images which other library users might find offensive to view.

Failure to observe these guidelines will result in the suspension of the privilege to use the library internet connection.

By using the Willard Library internet service, users of this system agree that they have read this policy and understand that the library is not responsible for the quality or authority of information found on the internet.

You are about to embark on a wonderful journey. Happy searching!