Bringing History Home

Battle Creek Newspapers

Chronicling Battle Creek Newspaper Collection

Search and view historical local newspapers on library computers (1846-present), or in the comfort of your home with your Willard Library card (1846-1923 only).

Willard Library Newspaper Index

The Newspaper Index covers 1967-to March 2012, citation style only.  

The index includes the Ross Coller Collection. Coller worked for 47 years as a journalist in Battle Creek and spent much of his lifetime chronicling the area's past.  After his death, his family donated his notes and work to the library.  The index is accessible to the general public.

Proquest News - Battle Creek Enquirer

2002-Present, Text Only. Full-text, searchable database available on library computers, or in the comfort of your home with your Willard Library card.

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Request an obituary.  Dates of obituaries occurring between 1967-March 2012 can be found in the newspaper index.  Prior to 1967, you must know the approximate date of the obituary you are requesting.