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  • Mt. Olivet Cemetery gravesite of Pvt. Leon Steagman, Nov. 26, 1926

  • Mt. Olivet Catholic Cemetery, across from Oak Hill Cemetery

  • Oak Hill Mausoleum, 1912-1979

  • Oak Hill Mausoleum being razed, spring 1979

  • Oak Hill Mausoleum being razed, spring 1979

  • Lawler (Territorial) Cemetery, Kalamazoo County, circa 1985

  • Harmonia Cemetery, Bedford Township

  • Cemetery, possibly Cross Village, Emmett County

  • Quaker Cemetery, Fremont Park

  • North Avenue, site of first Quaker cemetery

  • Civil War gun in Oak Hill Cemetery

  • Site of Indian cemetery, Goguac Prairie

  • Site of old Indian cemetery, Southeast corner of Riverside Drive

  • Verona Cemetery, East Avenue & Roosevelt Street

  • Thomas Holcomb and his descendants are buried here, Windsor, Ct.